An Economical Raw Food Diet

Keoni was inspired by the growing demand for alternative food products for pet owners and their pets. This raw form of pet food was developed for those pet owners who wish to provide their pets with a healthier choice of filler free pet food. After years of servicing the industry, Keoni has found its niche in the dog food industry.

Recently, the food market has reverted back to the raw, healthier form, as food was once provided by mother-nature. As dogs evolve so should their food source. Offering our product in patty and nugget forms allows pet owners to take our IQF product from their freezers and serve it directly to their pets without any fuss or mess.

The Pet industry has acknowledged the significant positive results of shinier coats, healthier teeth, increased energy, boosted immune systems and an overall balanced lifestyle.

Keoni uses the highest quality of products at a reasonable value, which will make both pet and pet owners wagging their tails for years to come.